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can't show full content after update Evernote

Mark Chao

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Hi.  What version of Evernote are you running.  Has the display worked for you previously?


My Version is:

It's work on the previous version, eg. 5.8.1. ....


now I enter some space lines in the bottom after the table via web platform

, and I can see the all table content..

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The release thread for 5.8.13 is here - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86114-new-evernote-for-windows-5813-ga-update/ - it's useful if you can add possible bug reports to that thread which is likely to be more closely watched by the developers..  I'm on the same release though and not finding any problems.  What version of Windows do you have?

Windows 8.1

Notes are created using the firefox web clipper 6.1 so maybe it's the clipper's problem ?

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