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Recovering unsynced Notes

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 I was recently working offline on my Windows 7 PC. Evernote was unable to sync. Are my notes saved to my PC, even after a restart? How do I recover them? Are they saved automatically? 


All Notes are first saved to your local EN database on your PC.

New notes and changes to Notes are marked as "unsync'd", but are still stored locally.

Then when you connect to the EN Cloud, they will be sync'd, and marked as such.


The only Notes, or changes to Notes, that you are at risk of loosing are those which have NOT been saved to you local EN DB.

This saving takes place automatically, and happens very frequently, even as you are editing a Note.

I don't think I have ever lost any data in Evernote because it was not saved.


So saved notes are on your PC, and will persist between restarts even if you have not sync'd.

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