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(Archived) remember the position of the cursor and position in notes

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hi all,

i'm sure, there must be a topic for this, but i couldnt find...

i really like to see some kind of "auto-bookmarking"-feature inside a note.

EN should remember the position of the cursor and/or the scrolling-position of its notes (when the user left the notes focus).

i often place webpages or longer notes for later reading. then, when i read them and don't finish reading, the next time i open that note, i have to remember myself, where i stopped. so i have to read text, which i already read and this is kinda double-useless ;-)

in my eyes, EN is used to "clear" the users mind with useless information until he/she remembers it him-/herself, so this feature is a deeply needed one (at least for me).

what do you think? (both, community and developer)

do you have done this with some tricks yourself or are you waiting for something a long time, like me, or isnt this only needed by me and everyone else has a brain that works? ;-)

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