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Web Client Beta Release 7/16/2015 - Bug Fixes + Gallery View



Hi everyone!


We have a lightweight week for this week's release.  We are working on some of the missing features from the Beta which we will update folks on shortly.  This week you'll notice the following: 

  • Gallery View - Hovering over an image in a note will now show two options: 1) Download and 2) Gallery. Click the Gallery icon to view images in notes at full screen and get more details.
    • This is the same feature that was available in the old client. 
    • Instead of the button being in the toolbar, it is now visible on hover over an image. 
  • Change User Photo - Update your user photo using the quick link to the Settings in the Account menu.  Click on the Account Menu icon in the lower left > Hover over photo >Click.
    • Please note you may be prompted to provide login credentials. 

+ Minor bug fixes. 


Known missing features

  • Nested tags
  • Multiselect notes + multiple note actions
  • Easy access to Source URL 

Thanks for your patience, 


- Nancy 

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Well Change User Photo worked the first time.  I was able to choose an image and set it.  I didn't like the way it turned out, so I tried changing the image and now I'm stuck.  I've tried removing the image, setting a new image, logging out,  and leaving and reentering the beta.  Nothing changes the image now.

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Thanks for the update :-)


Image handling was one of the most annoying things in previous versions of the beta. I'm glad it was sorted out.


Any update on the encrypted text issue I reported a while back?



I still see notes as "updated" after I just view encrypted text, without making any modifications to the note itself.

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