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A better way of sharing notes within Evernote?

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I simply want to share individual notes with family members (also Evernote users) and have those notes then be searchable by anyone the note has been shared with.


I appreciate Work Chat allows users to share notes within Evernote. The issue with that is people that notes are shared with can only view those notes within the work chat. It's not possible to view these notes within entering work chat. It's not possible to search within these notes at all, without opening them individually.


Am I missing something here, as I can't be the only one looking for a simple solution?

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Hi.  Why don't you share a notebook / notebooks with your family members?  You can change the content and they can see and search the current notes without too much trouble.  And if you create and update a TOC (table of contents) note for each notebook you can both make access to specific notes quicker and easier,  and ensure that they see a structured layout rather than a mess of individual notes.  Tags however do not translate well with multiple shares... best avoid too many (or any) tags and invest in descriptive titles.

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