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I am done! Stop the upsell harassment.

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Recently Evernote has started popping up daily upsell notices. I was just in the middle of a movie, when the latest upsell nag popped up. Yes, I understand you (Evernote) need to make money, but as long as I am not anywhere near my limits, I don't want to be nagged daily at the most in-opportune moments. I am sorry you can't make money from me - then change the limits and nag me once a week if I am close to my limit.


Thanks for all the fun, Evernote. You were useful, but enough is enough. You will be un-installed from all my computers.


Top 10 alternatives. I will investigate.


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"Oops - our new marketing strategy does not work...  Users turn out to be annoyed enough to spend time signing up for Forum access to post about our new upsell tactic, rather than paying for Premium. Who would have thunk? Let's call it a bug and fix it in the next update! ASAP - developers, get on it"

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That's 16 times a day spread across 4 computers.


Here's an idea: maybe if you were less productive you'd be harassed less.


... or you could wait until... today for the fix. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86186-turn-off-the-nag/page-4#entry369359


That might reduce the harassment by at least 25%, depending on how many Windows computers you have.

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