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(Archived) sticky notes. how to make notes stick on top of other notes

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hi all,

a little feature request from my side:

sticky notes.


the user can mark some of his/hers notes to stay on top of the sorted notes, so he/she can always&fast see/edit this notes.

sticky notes are like sticky topics or posts here at the forum. so every user is able to see the important information at the top of all other information.


i also need this for EN.

any ideas/comments on this idea?


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One thing I do is preface the name of the notebooks that contain data I'm dealing with intensely at the time with an underscore. This places all those notebooks at the top of the list. You could do this with the titles & sort by title name. Not a sticky exactly, but can work the same way, if you're sorting by title.

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thanks for the hint.

i use the underscore trick (or using a prefix 0...9) since ages on all my different computers for folders and files and it works pretty good.

in EN, i sort my notes on last-change-date, so this won't help here, but thanks anyway ;-)

the good thing about those different sorting methods is, that the user can use them very fast to get his notes visible, so "clinging" to a single sorting-mode is not very flexible.

i really like to see an option somewhat like this in the properties tab of each note:

[x] sticky (places this note on top of all others, ignoring the sort-mode)

that would be awesome...

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