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Feature request of Mac, Word completion



  1. Open Text Edit or Note.

Type “typ”, no quotes.

Press the esc key.

Notice: A list of word completion lists gets presented.


Feature request: Implement the word completion feature within Evernote. It is a feature of the OS and hopefully straight forward enough to implement.Additionally it would be a great time savers for me and for people who rely on this functionality.
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I use Phrase Express which also lets me generate date stamps and automate some processes down to a key combination.


This is a Mac thread, and Phase Express is not available for the Mac OS.


TextExpander is a great Mac tool that I use often.  


Of course, using any text expander requires that the user first create the terms to be expanded.  I think the OP is looking for an autoexpander that works like the one built-in to Apple iOS devices.  The Mac app TextEdit supports a form of autoexpansion.

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