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How to make Evernote useful in my business?

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I'm from Windsor and along with few of my friends we are planning to start a realtor service. We've been doing it as individual freelancers in the business but when worked together we had better results. This lead us to the idea of teaming up. So, as we been planning our launch, I thought of having using Evernote in our business by purchasing the license, if any, and synchronising everyones profile together. It was just a thought that came to my mind. We always deals with various services to get our final product, so Evernote can be a great way to keep a track of all. What we basically concentrate on is large properties which can be used for large commercial purposes. Fix the whole property or renovate it according to the demand, and the whole process will be multiple deals with various services. For example, say if the property we've got is a commerical storage area, we will check every single area and say we need a roofing fix, we will call up our partner commercial roofing service to fix the whole roof with a greater lifespan guarantee. This itself is a small deal with the roofing service and that should be kept note of. This if able to share among the team, they can easily keep track and work accordingly. I'm not familiar with the full option Evernote version but I loved with I've been using and I would like to include it in our daily process.

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If you want to test Evernote, you and your friends could subscribe to the Premium version on a monthly basis.  Cost:  ~$5/person/month

And then share Notebooks, and use the Work Chat feature to see if that really works for you.

If all goes well, then you can consider an upgrade to the Business version.


Having said all that, you might want to look at apps/services dedicated to your industry.  They will most likely do a much better job right out of the box.

These dedicated apps may, or may not, have a provision for Notes, but most likely they will.

I would first choose the best dedicated app for my needs, and then see if I still need Evernote, perhaps in a support roll.


In spite of their marketing hype, Evernote is a poor collaboration tool as compared with many others.


The way I got started using Evernote for my business is that I used it on a personal basis to replace the physical notebook/journal I always kept by my computer, and took to meetings.  Evernote works extremely well for this.  I have not used a physical notebook for years now.


Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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Thanks JMichael. I think I'll check on the premium version and at the same time check the apps as well.

For me, Evernote is, as you have said, a good replacement to the physical notebook. Just got curious whether it had much added features to support a business or so. I kinda got used to it and hoped it would have been a lot cooler if we had something unusual as addition.

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