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(Archived) EN does not let me change a password hint for encrypted text



hi all,

i encrypted some text on a textnote.

i set up a password hint. (just the letter x)

i set up EN should remember this pw until i quit EN.

after i restarting EN (several times...), i cannot change the password hint anymore (for a newly created note or the same note).

can anyone confirm this bug? or is this only happening here ;-)

using: Version 1.6.2 Beta 1 (70501) on MBP SnowLeopard, 10.6.2

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If you create a new encrypted region, try entering a different password. This will prompt you to specify the password again, with an optional hint.

ok, so this behaviour is intended. i see. very confusing anyways :-)

thanks. i now know how it works :-)

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