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Evernote not highlighting searched keyword in note

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I'm a new Evernote Premium user and am very excited by its potential, but today I searched for a particular keyword I knew to be there (and indeed it was) and while Evernote returned the correct notes to me, it didn't highlight the keyword within the note. This is particularly important to me.


What am I doing wrong?


with many thanks in advance,



Jeannette on Cape Cod

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Both Search and Find highlighting is working fine for me in EN Mac 6.0.15 running Yosemite and Mavericks.

What versions of OS and Evernote are you running?


Since you are a Premium account owner, you have access to EN Support Chat:


See Evernote Chat Support., available business days 7am-7pm US CST. 

(Chat option appears AFTER you click “Continue” on initial “Evernote Support” page.)

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