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No, I don't want Premium

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I've been a satisfied Evernote user for years, so if I move away from it I thought I should say why.


A big part of productivity is clearing away unneeded content and unnecessary work. I'm getting sick of seeing the reminders about premium plans - persistent little icons or full-screen UIs I have to click through. Both are pesky. This is the main gripe.


The web & mobile UIs have done well at reducing clutter but the Windows interface should allow us to customize it to this point (and more - I doubt I'll ever click the "work chat" button).


As an aside, there are 2 features that could make me switch to Premium. I try to keep an eye out for them. 

1) Archiving. I want about half of my notes to be in the digital equivalent of a box in the basement. Out of my life but not irretrievable.

2) intelligence Augmentation. I like this initiative and am excited to see where you take it.


Those features could cause me to buy up. Regular reminders might push me away.

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Same here:  I will never, ever "Go Premium" because I am not even remotely close to needing the space provided with a Premium account, and there is absolutely, positively NOTHING WHATSOEVER provided in a Premium account that I need.


So, Dear Geniuses in the Evernote Marketing Department:  I am not going to pay you for services I don't need.  It is as simple as that.


Ungrateful?  Yeah, I suppose I am -- I have been happily using Evernote for years, with just a relative handful of text-only notes that I synch across my devices.  But, the minute I have to pay for Evernote will be the minute I look for some other alternative.


But, in concert wtih Daeruk's message above, there is one thing I want that Evernote doesn't do:


Why (oh why??) can't I paste a portion of a spreadsheet into an Evernote note, and keep the formatting (mainly speaking about borders and cell colors I use to clarify information I have gathered in tables) in Evernote?  I'm not sure that I would be willing to pay a fee every single month for the rest of my life for that, but it's something that'll send me off looking for a competitor if Evernote keeps up with the big, honking, in-front-of-everything-on-my-screen nag boxes....

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I came here to find out how to quit getting these annoying requests to go Premium (just got the 2nd one for today). Here's the kicker: I AM ALREADY PREMIUM AND HAVE BEEN FOR QUITE A WHILE.



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Everything has its price.  You can either actually pay for a service/app, or you can "pay" by having to put up with ads and nag screens.

Your choice.


If you are never going to actually pay for Evernote, then I'm pretty sure that there is no loss to Evernote if you quit using their service.  In fact, it would be a benefit to Evernote since it would free up resources for paying customers.


BTW, there is a known bug in EN Win that is causing the nag screen to popup way more than it should.  When fixed, it should popup only when you open the app.

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BTW, there is a known bug in EN Win that is causing the nag screen to popup way more than it should.  When fixed, it should popup only when you open the app.


For the record, that's why folks like me have signed up for the first time and have come in here to whine about it.


Also for the record, my monthly upload activity is in the "handful of kilobytes" region, registering as "zero percent" of the 60MB per month allowance for a Basic account.  Bashing me over the head with an unrelenting "unlimited storage" nag box just really isn't going to get me to pay for a Premium account.  Gosh, in these days of "targeted advertisements," this has got to be one of the most counter-productive ads I've ever encountered.

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