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How to layout my screen


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I have experienced this problem before but have forgotten the fix.


Here's my conundrum. I want a 2-colum layout. I am NOT showing the left column. My second column will show my notes in either card or snippet format, then the right column shows the notes themselves.


So, in effect, I have two vertical columns: the left showing the card or snippet of each note and the right column showing the note.


HOWEVER...and here's the problem, when I change the second column to list format, the list then shows in an upper panel and the notes themselves show in the lower panel, two horizontal panels (see attachment)  What I want is the same vertical columns as i have in the card and snippet format.


Can you give me the simple fix? 


Thanks so much.




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I'm sure there is a shortcut (not documented) to do it, my EN display on 2 column whatever the kind of list. Someone (maybe JM) tell it month ago and I did it. I'll try to retrieve it tomorrow.

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Quick search ; try ctrl-shift-f5


That's it.  I can't imagine why Evernote hides the toggle for the List view.


I think everyone should complain on Twitter:


Since Evernote now is providing official support to all users via Twitter, you can post your request on Twitter @evernotehelps.  It might also be good to include a link back to your post here.

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The Vertical List View is very powerful. It lets me scan through 38 titles at a glance and see a lot of the content for each note. I toggle off the Left Panel (F10) to get the maximum amount of viewable real estate.


Evernote asked for user opinions on the option back in 2012


and here is their release notice.


But even with many positive comments from users, Evernote has been very quiet (silent) about this wonderful option.
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