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Sort table columns alphabetically (A-Z)?


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I have a table the size of 5x200 cells, and need to sort the first column (and their respective rows) in alphabetical order. Is there any way to do this in Evernote? Manually copy/pasting takes way too long, and is no fun.





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In a word:  No.


Evernote does not offer any type of sorting within a Note.


IMO, the best workaround is to copy/paste to MS Word.

What I do sometimes is keep an attached file in the EN Note, like Word or Excel.

I use this file as my master data source, and open it when I need to make changes or sorts.

Then both copy/paste from Word/Excel back to EN Note, AND save/update the attachment back to EN.


You might be able to use KB macros do automate.


Some Popular Keyboard Macro Utilities

These tools also provide lots of other useful features.

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Thanks JMichael for your response, great idea!  :D  I was able to take advantage of the MS Office-365 30 day free trial, it was the only way. Now if only Evernote could add this feature, could have saved lots of trouble.

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