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Un-tick tasks

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I listed all the tasks to be performed by today, I ticked all the items that been completed and the other items to be completed  the next day, is there any way to move them automatically for the next day, is there any function that support this feature? to move the unticked tasks to the next day to follow up them.

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Not at this time, assuming all of those tasks are in the same note.  A couple of  workarounds I can think of are:

  1. Copy the note to a new note and delete the completed tasks,
  2. Have every task be in its own note with a reminder date set and then use the reminders section in Snippet view (this still has the issue of not being able to mass change the date, but at least you can see the overdue tasks based upon the reminder date).

Option 1 sounds like it might best suit your current workflow.  FWIW.

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