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Content of note disappeared

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Hey everyone,

I typed my lecture notes from class in an evernote and when I added an attachment I made with stich it seemed alright until I added another one and the entire content of the note disappeared. I tried the undo button but that did not do anything. The only thing that is still there is the title. Can anyone help me and tell me how I might be able to retrieve the note?


P.S. can I print the notes from evernote? Thanks again.

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Aleys - Here are some ideas for you.


Scroll Up. Scroll down. - - - I know this sounds silly and you probably already did it 10 times, but maybe your lecture notes got pushed up or down.


Check other Notes for your lecture notes. - - - Again, this probably sound silly, but humor me.


Check the Trash Notebook. (Yes, I'm getting desperate, but this is another easy thing to do!).


Did you sync your device after you entered your lecture notes and before they disappeared. If yes, do not sync on the device where they disappeared, yet. Go to another device (or to the web) and start up Evernote there. Check the "offending" Note. If your lecture notes are still there, copy and paste them to a safe place (or back into the Note where the attachment is).


If you have Evernote premium, then check Note History. (Here's how: Click in the "offending" Note. Select "Note History" from the Note Menu.) There's a chance that your lecture notes are in a prior version of the Note.

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