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Auto highlight and deleting within line text

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Hello all,


I just updated to Evernote (6.0.15) and I have a problem.


I am not an expert user at all, so I am sure this is an easy fix and a silly question, but...


Every time I place the cursor within a line of text, all the text to the right is highlighted and then if I type or press backspace it deletes or replaces the text. This is incredibly frustrating when I am trying to edit basic text. What setting do I need to change, because it is driving me crazy?!


Sorry again if this is right in front of me.





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It a known bug, reported by many in the EN Mac 6.0.15 release thread

Evernote has said they have a fix in testing, and should be released in the next major release.


Meanwhile, it appears that Ver 6.0.13 is the last version that works OK for Mac OS Lion (10.7).

If you want to downgrade to this version,

See How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac 

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