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Some questions about what is behind sharing un-sharing a public note.

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Some questions about what is behind sharing un-sharing a public note.


I have gone deep in trying to understand de basics of sharing a note, starting from this manual, followed by some interesting post I have found though this Google search bounded to this forum


But I still don't get some things about sharing so I list them below accompanied with a title for each clue and videos to make it more entertainment to follow in case anyone even care about this, 





Title: Public multi URL (Android EN & Desktop EN)


Why are there two public URL (that I know, maybe more) in a single note? 

Supposing that there are two public URL that links the same note, Why isn't there any section (apparently) to control the public URL generated in Android EN? and why one single checkbox in [Note / Share / Modify Sharing] controls both URL?


A workaround to know whether the checkbox affects one or both URL: The combination of searching "Sharedate:*" plus verifying from a note in that search result that in options [Note / Share / Modify Sharing] the checkbox is unchecked is the only way I have to guess that the note is shared though Android EN, but this only works as far as the Checkbox is unchecked or in other words, if the checkbox is checked means that the Public URL from Desktop EN is activated and just in this case I have found no way of telling if both URL are activated or only the Desktop EN public link.


Also noticed there is no textbox that allow us to copy the Android EN Public link (not that I need it, I still don't understand the need of more than one public URL, just pointing that out)


Here is the video demonstrating the above explanation, "A video is worth a thousand pictures or a million words".

EVERNOTE: Two different public links for one single note commanded by one only checkbox





Tile: Public URL mutant ability


Why a public URL have to change after disabling / re-enabling the checkbox in the sharing options? 

So if I have posted a public note in a static web or shared it with someone, if for some reason I disable the public note, I will have to re-send the new URL to all the people that wants it (of course if I remember who I sent it to) and all web pages will remain with the broken link.


The other day, someone asked me for the public link from a note, he told me how fabulous was to always have access to that information updated in real time from my note, he asked me if it was always going to be the same URL because he wanted to make it static, I said I could not confirm by saying yes and tried to explain how I think public sharing note works and he got confused and bored and that's when I thought that it is confusing for me too, I know how it works but from my point of view it's confusing.


Here is a video where you can see how I regenerate three times the URL making the previous ones obsolete.

EVERNOTE: Public URL changes after each time switching public sharing [on/off]




Title: Note magic cloning property


This is my favourite, there are some situations at which, if you are lucky, a note is magically duplicated without your knowledge.


If you are not careful or you are unaware, this could be leading to some possible disasters; it has happened to me that, before I knew cloned notes goes to "Conflicting changes" notebook, I was editing the cloned note without knowing it even was a clone, and then when I discover it was duplicated I erased the wrong one because the clone date was higher and tricked me to choose wrong with the hurries of the moment.


So If there where an option in somewhere that said "Check this if you want to activate the cloning note property ", it would have almost 100% chances to be always disabled. I really don't think that I am ever going want to see any of my notes duplicated, and if that day comes, I know there are many options to clone it but always with my permission.

So here I share two videos showing two ways of creating "notes with conflicting changes", there are probably more ways, I can swear it has happened in at least 4 different situations but I could only reproduce this two that I share in the video, and if I have found four there are probably many more ways like the Easter eggs in computer games that for each one I found I miss three.

EVERNOTE: A Evernote note that clone's itself after doing some sharing procedure (Episode 1)

EVERNOTE: A Evernote note that clone's itself after doing some sharing procedure (Episode 2)






So that's all for the sharing, feel free to comment on any of the questions, any revealing answer is highly appreciated. I hope you liked my review and the videos.


Thanks for your time and Regards.

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Hello EN Team, I would appreciate any answer, i am really stuck with the sharing properties.


Is there any way to at least preserve static a public URL even if you unshare and reshare? I care less about clonning issue or the two different url but I am really interested on a never changing public URL.


Thanks again.

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Hi.  This is a user forum,  and while Evernote's developers do read posts here and -very- occasionally comment,  you'd be better off tweeting @Evernotehelps or raising a support ticket to get a specific response. 


I'd suspect (my opinion only - no inside knowledge here) that Evernote has no interest in reserving a public URL for the exclusive private use of a single user - if you want a static web address,  put up a web page.  The changeability of web addresses is also good security - if an address remains connected to a page,  someone with whom you shared the page at one stage,  but you no longer wish to have access to it,  could still use that link for as long as it's valid.


There are other situations too in which a link will change - if you export and re-import a note,  move it to another notebook or copy that note as a template,  the URL will change. 


Evernote is fine for sharing information in the short term,  but it's not meant as a web hosting alternative.  If you wish to continue using Evernote you'll have to work within its limits.

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