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I get an I can't sync message from my laptop to my Samsung Note 4

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I am actually livid over this.  I apparently can't sync my Evernote Plus with my phone, the whole reason I upgraded.  There was nothing to inform me that I was about to pay for something I could not use and apparently there is no help and no recourse.  Any suggestions other than to suck up the loss of the money and work on getting over my total frustration as I plan out how I tell as many people as possible what a horrible product this is because there is NO customer service.

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Hi.  You 'apparently' can't sync?  Who gave you this information?  Because they seem to have been sadly misleading.  Provided you can download a mobile app for your telephone - and that would be Android / iOS / WP / etc - you should also have access to your notes.  


It's true that all your notes are not actually downloaded to the phone - how much storage space do you have?  How big is your notes database? - but you will have an index so you can search your online notes whenever you have a network connection.  If you set up a premium subscription you can store notes on the phone (subject to the available space).  If you need more assistance on this,  please feel free to post again...

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