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I have paid for a service I apparently can't use and there is no support to check that out



I have paid for plus, thinking I wanted to test this out and make sure I could sync with my Samsung Note 4, Android system.  Of course, I can't.  But they don't tell you it doesn't work with this system and now there is no one to discuss this with.  I am totally furious, not because of the money so much as the total inconvenience of the misery I went through just setting up the account - not being able to sign in on my phone and getting the usual "you have the wrong ID or password" when actually, Evernote just doesn't work with my phone.  I read in another customer's comment that Evernote sucks.  I agree!! totally terrible customer service.  Hope the word gets out.  I will certainly do my best to get it around.


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