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Can't update Evernote Basic

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I'm running Evernote Basic on a Google Nexus S, which has 1GB of internal storage and 16GB of USB storage. For the last two updates, any attempt to install the update has failed with a "insufficient storage" message. Free internal storage is reported as 151MB, free USB storage is reported as 13.1GB. That looks like lots of room for installation of a 31.5MB download to me.


I have no problem downloading updates, and no other app has reported "insufficient storage" when being updated. So it does appear to be an Evernote issue, not the phone or its OS (Android Jellybean 4.1.2). How do I resolve it?


And if there is another thread on the topic...   well, I did try to find it. But the Google Site Search would not load. It just sat there saying "Loading..." And I'm using my desktop system to do the search and make this post.


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For the issue with Google site search you probably have an anti-ad or anti-track browser addon which block it (I had the problem with Ghostery).

SebR, you were right. Ghostery was messing me up. Thanks for straightening me out.


And now that I've seen some search results on this site, I'll add some clarification to my previous post: No problem with syncing, no problem with downloading updates. The only problem I've encountered is with installing the update.

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