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Auto updating link?

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I create a "Work in progress" note per job I work on

This contains certain items

client's name, address, details of the job etc.

most importantly "what I am waiting on"

this could be " get design brief", "cad drawings", "client approval of quote" etc.

This changes as the job progresses at least daily if not more frequently


I would love to be able to have this on my contents page so I can see what I'm waiting on at a glance and if required click the link to go to that job's Work in progress note 

I can create a table of contents easily so I have a list of all my jobs in one place but what I cannot do is add to this the "What I'm waiting on" for each job.


I've tried copying and pasting but that won't auto update.

I thought I could create a hyperlink to that text but that defeated me.


Is what I'm trying to achieve possible?



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