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Web clipper for Safari (Mac) is not working...


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Hi-I have a Mac running Yosemite 10.10.4 and Safari 8.0.7. Evernote Web Clipper says it's 6.5 (info in the Preferences setting of Safari under Extensions). It was working but I thought there were some features that I didn't see so I uninstalled it from Safari (I know, if it's not broken leave it alone...). Downloaded it and installed it and I click on the icon in the menu bar of Safari and nothing happens. I tried that twice. Restarted Safari both times. Still not working. Restarted my computer. Still not working. So what do I do now??? 

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I, too, had a problem with the new Safari web clipper not working but it is resolved. My Macbook pro Mac  isrunning Yosemite 10.10.4 and Safari 8.0.7. Evernote Web Clipper says it's 6.5 .


This is how you resolve the issue.



  • Restart your computer
  • go to Safari browser at the top of your computer screen, top left
  • at the top left of screen, click on the word Safari
  • you will see a dropdown menu, then click on Preferences
  • you will see a box with a choice of areas in the computer, for General, Tabs, Autofill, Passwords, Search,Security, Privacy,Notifications, Extensions,..
  • click on Extensions
  • you will see another box with your Extensions listed, there is also and on and off switch
  • My computer showed the switch on, on the left side of screen showed my One Extension Evernote Web Clipper. 
  • On the right of the screen it said Evernote Web Clipper 6.5.1, the box was checked for Enable Evernote Web clipper.

Click on Uninstall button for Evernote web clipper 6.5.1 and any other Extensions listed (you can reinstall those extensions once the clipper is download and working. Restart your computer.


Now Reinstall Evernote safari Web clipper and restart your computer!


The Safari Evernote Web clipper should be working now, check again in Safari Preferences and you should see it Reinstalled.


My problem was that my husband uses the same laptop, has in own log-in, ... He was the one with Extensions, so I had to follow the above steps to prevent the Extensions from blocking me. Now that all is working it is ok to reinstall your Extensions.


Good luck.

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Just made the switch over to Safari after noticing chrome's hidden "helper" (after watching Activity Monitor) was using 80% of my CPU... and god damn. SO few things work, including the web clipper. Every time I click the elephant, instead of getting this nice colorful menu in the corner like in Chrome with my clipping options... a new tab opens prompting me to login to Evernote. Every. Single. Time. 

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Mooch- What I do, is place the Evernote icon onto the dock & leave it there. Then when I to use the desktop clipper, I sign into Evernote from the dock. Once signed in I see the elephant icon on the very top on the screen (on the same line with the safari, edit..date Click on the icon, you will see full screen icon, window or rectangle icon or the microphone (check out the cog wheel, too).

Even when I am not signed in, I see the elephant icon web clipper to the left of the url. When I click this, I will be prompted to sign in. I will then see the full menu.

I am using Evernote 6.10 Make sure that you follow the above directions by mstucci July 2015 re: Safari Extensions!

Evernote has a little different look on different browsers such as Safari, Google and Firefox.

Good luck!




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I had he same issue and it was driving me nuts. I just got it working after taking the following steps. Keep in mind some subset of these might be the actual solution but since I don't know exactly I am including them all. I hope it helps.

I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 - Safari 10.0.2 - Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.3

  1. Uninstall web clipper
  2. Clear History
  3. Close all tabs individually
  4. Close Safari
  5. Open Safari
  6. Install web clipper from Evernote's site
  7. Click the web clipper button and log in
  8. Success
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