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How do I turn off the "Go Premium" pop up?

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Since updating my free version of Evernote -- I used to have premium but found I didn't need it for my personal use -- I constantly get this big pop up in the lower right corner of the screen, exhorting me to GO PREMIUM.  It pops up all the time.  Is there any way to disable this pop up?  Thanks!

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I rejoin you on this question. Nowadays, I often get popup, inviting me to GO on a paid version. Boring !


That and the fact that we cannot add notes by email anymore if we don't subscribe to a paid version, it makes me wonder: Has the Evernote society financial problems so they try to monetize their service as much as possible ?


I use Evernote since many years and I love it but I keep a watch on onenote.

IMHO, Evernote has the luck that onenote still miss a lot of key features or many people would migrate. Especially on mac same me.

But m$oft improves it, version after version. So wait&see.

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I use Evernote since many years and I love it 


If you love Evernote and find it useful, after having used it for FREE for years, why aren't you now willing to pay a very low, very reasonable price for it?

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