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App too large on Samsung s4



I love evernote and use it on a daily basis, however with the recent upgrades it now takes up over 500mb of space on my Samsung s4. I've deleted a lot of non essential apps to survive but evernote will be the next to go unless it can be down sized. Any suggestions?  

Please do something! 

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Hi - are you syncing your notes back to the server?  Once they're saved online,  individual notes are held in temporary storage for a while,  but will be dropped from memory as and when the space is required - unless they're 'offline searchable' notes as commented above.  I have a specific notebook for my mobile which currently has about 20 offline notes with travel info and meeting details.  The rest are searchable only when I have a wifi connection - which is most of the time anyway.

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If someone not what to have any notebooks offline in their phones, tablets an easy way to delete all the data in to just log out from Evernote and log in again.

(I have to to that to fix a problem in both phone and tablet, but it was not fun, took me ages to download and syncing all.)

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