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Sorting Notebooks by TAG....for God's sake!



I throw this need out there about once maybe twice a year....and it's time for it again!

This would help my work flow immensely. 

When it became obvious in 2008 that Evernote had no interested in nested Notebooks and tags were to be the organizational structure dujour I adapted. Am fine with it. 

I am a mobile user predominantly.

So I was and am dumbfounded that the ability to simply sort my notebook items by TAG wasn't  supported. I'm dumbfounded times seven 7years later!

Its the closest we'd get visually to the folders-with-nested-folders look

So, years the shoutout again for what it's worth in 2015!

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Hi.  I appreciate that this would really help you out,  and you obviously feel strongly about the feature - but I have most of my notes in one notebook (18,400+) and most of those have no tag at all.  I do have over 1,000 tags,  dating back to my early days when everything that moved got tagged;  some notes have several,  others have just one.  


Notes in my (<30) other notebooks have overlapping tags,  because the content is shared,  they're part of an ongoing project,  or because they can live in more than one vertical view of my note space.  It may be just a blind spot (I have those for Sport,  Macs,  Life Insurance and Tax Returns) but how in the world could sorting notebooks by tag be of any help whatsoever to me?


Not being selfish here - just trying to understand why Evernote would want to add a(nother) specialised feature that I probably wouldn't ever use...

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Well I don't use Evernote like you. 

This feature is on the Windows app and I refer to the tag grouping repeatedly. But I use the android app way more and that's not an option unfortunately. 

It just makes sense. In lieu of Nested notebooks tag organization is used widely on Evernote. To have Notebooks content sorted by tag is an obvious natural step. 

If it seems unnecessary to you , so be it. 

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Not saying that my confusion would stop Evernote from adding the feature if they see a demand for it - just saying that we all use the app in different ways.  Time will tell..

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