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Different sorting by title on Android and Windows



Hi Evernote


Sorting by title is quite important as it allows you to additionally declutter your notes in selected notebook or tag.

But this ordinary "feature" behaves differently on Android and Windows as you can see in pic:




For example "_" is under "[" on Windows while it's above on Android.


Do you plan to make sorting identical for both platforms or at least to add "Reverse order" option on Android?






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Hi.  This is a known issue,  but you're unlikely to get any comments from Evernote - presumably they'll try to level out the playing field in due course,  but for the moment choose your special characters carefully...


If you use "special characters" to force a particular order - prefixing the name of an item with one or more of  these non-alpha chars - " ! " # % + < = > " beware that they may be treated differently on different devices - so your ideal listing of  notes / notebooks / tags / saved searches may not be identical on all devices,  or on the web.
Check out these two links for more on this...
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