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Managing Information vs. Searching for Information

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The information density on the screen is way too low - pretty but an awful way to navigate a large number of notes looking for what you want.


Now that's out of the way...


The beta interface might be a pretty way to read notes, but it's completely impractical for managing the notes already in there.


Like most people I tend to 'chuck' things into evernote on the fly, then come back later to organise, tag, re-title, etc.


I truly can't imagine how this would be possible in the new beta.


Also, tags must be hierarchical when used by people researching many disparate subject areas.


Please don't let anything remotely like this beta become the norm - it would be such as hassle to move everything over to OneNote.

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I opted out of the new Web beta, saying this as my parting comment (when I was prompted to offer one):

It's already confusing enough having the iOS and Windows clients having different interfaces; I don't need yet another interface on the web. Also, until you get a decent rich-text editor with built-in styles for headings, etc., there's no way creating notes will be the central Evernote function; it'll instead primarily be a filing cabinet for clipped content from elsewhere. The beta's emphasis on note creation rather than on note organization or note search is inappropriate.

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