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Steps it takes to get to a note



Hi folks - one of the things I have been doing is making hand written notes of important points from eBooks I am reading.

Problem with doing this in Penultimate USA:

- unless I have used P very recently it never remembers where I last was

- to go back then requires about 5 clicks and delays to get back to the note

Frustrating and caused me to revert to One Note

PS: one thing I do like is the quality of the hand writing - much better than One Note

Better go - Big Brother is watching me - now told I can only make 3 more posts today!

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The OS controls when an app shuts down after backgrounding. We do our best to restore the app to a state where you left off. However, based on your activity, the OS that you are running, and the capabilities of your device, the app may re-launch instead of restore.




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