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I see you can export all Notes, however when you import them will it maintain the Notebook structure?


In a word:  No.


Export to ENEX (or HTML) causes loss of data.


One issue with ENEX export/import that everyone should be aware of is that you will lose information in this process:

  1. All Note Links to any of the Notes in the ENEX are broken, lost, and will have to be recreated.
  2. The ENEX files do not contain any Notebook data.
  3. When you Import the ENEX file, the Note Created Date is lost, and set to the current date/time.
  4. To preserve Tags in the ENEX files, you must check the checkbox to include Tags during both the export and import process
  5. Tag hierarchy is not preserved.  If you had one, it will need to be recreated after the import process
  6. If the ENEX files came from Sync'd Notebooks,
    1. the Sync'd NB will have to be recreated, and the import of the ENEX Notes moved into the appropriate NB.
    2. Moving these Notes into Sync'd NBs will go against your monthly upload allowance


REF:  How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks

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Hi.  Are you an administrator of the business account?  And do you have a premium account linked to the business one?  Is there no option to drag and drop notes or notebooks from one to the other?  If you're a business user you should get priority support from the techs so its worth raising a support request and trying out the twitter* or chat options...


* @Evernotehelps

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