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Help! Evernote Yosemite (AppStore) no Notes

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On purchasing of a new Macbook Pro 2015. I downloaded Evernote from the App Store just now (the direct download wouldn't sync with server), which is what I used on my old MBP.


Everything worked fine for the first hour or so. Then Evernote, in a window too quick to be seen, showed:

"Updating notes"


And all of the notes disappeared from the Evernote app (screenshot attached)


They still exist when I log into Evernote Web, but I can't seem to get them on the Mac app anymore.


I've tried, all to no avail:

* Uninstalling and reinstalling the App Store version, at least 3 times, with restarts in between. Following instructions here:



* Synced countless times



Is there anyway to cleanly uninstall Evernote (App Store version), and redownload it from the App Store?


Any help appreciated. Thanks!


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