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Better Basic Editing -- Please!



My first post in Evernote Forums! And this even though I've been an Evernote user since when Phil Libin first presented at the SV NewTech meetup in Palo Alto back in 2008 (http://www.salon.com/2008/04/16/evernote/)...


Why do I post?


Well, it is an awesome product!


However, this is a request to please focus on the basics. As I've seen the product evolve over time, from text recognition to business edition, it is rather annoying to still work in a text editor that only provides minimal features.


So, rather than adding things like "Context", could you please consider the following:


1. Make Tabs work with the tab-key. HTML? I do not care. It's a UX issue, figure it out. At least make it easier than the current 'indent level'-function.

2. Make Tables work. Really, they are cringingly terrible right now. Even Netscapes build-in HTML table-editor was better!

3. Allow me to hide the note list sidebar. Shortcuts are already helpful and sometimes you need more real-estate.

4. Better Text-Editor functions in general. The "Posting Editor" in this Online Forum has better features!!

5. Better encryption functionality. Great that you already provide the basics, but this could be much enhanced.


To recap, stop adding all kinds of bells to the app. Instead focus on making the core better.


Thanks for listening!



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