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(Archived) Screen capture in a forever LOOP of creating new Notes




I have experienced this twice now where something happens while doing a screen capture on a MAC snapshotting a web page. It gets stuck in a forever LOOP of creating a new notes. I cannot quit them fast enough, and if I can even get to the FORCE QUIT window and quit evernote, It quits and comes right back, looping once again. I have quite a few NEW NOTES, I never created. It was only after I was able to FORCE QUIT the browser that it stopped. The ESCAPE key was not helpful in this situation. It begins when I am using a keyboard shortcut for the snapshot. I have changed the shortcut since the last time this happened which eliminates the shortcut.

I know this is a glitch and I love evernote. Just freaky when it happens. I almost powered off the machine to get it to stop making a new note ever 1/2 second. :o

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