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Evernote Premium with Jot Script

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening:


I apologize if this is in the in correct forum. Moderators, please place it in the correct forum if this is the case.


I bought a Jot Script Evernote Edition today, and one of the things mentioned was a 6 month Premium membership.  I was expecting a redemption code, or link, or something, but I have searched high and low, through the forums, and internet to no avail.  I was excited at the prospect of a live chat with support, only to find it was a premium feature—which I am attempting to get...


Is there anyone who is familiar with this, and how to successfully redeem/activate the 6 months advertised?


Many thanks in advance.




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When I bought Moleskine evernote the code was in the book. Could be in the box or so?


Thanks for the quick reply!


I've searched the whole box, instruction booklet and packaging, and there is no code that I can see. To be fair, I don't know what format the code is in, so I may be overlooking the obvious.



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