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Evernote Plus Upgrade to Premium

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I would expect so, but I really don't know.  None of the Evernote.com pages address process.

This forum is a user forum, and you can't count on an Evernote employee responding here.  Sometimes they do, but not always.

So, I think you would be best served by using Twitter.


Since Evernote now is providing official support to all users via Twitter, you might post your question on Twitter @evernotehelps.

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It depends.


If you buy Premium directly from Evernote (as opposed to purchasing from an app store), we will automatically pro-rate the amount of Plus time you have remaining and credit that amount toward your Premium purchase.


If you buy Premium via in-app purchase, there is no way for us to do an automatic partial refund against your previous Plus payment, nor pro-rated credit against your new Premium payment - it's just not supported by iTunes / Google Play.

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Hi Nancy M,

thanks for clarifying this. I'd like to upgrade from Plus to Premium, on the paymnet page however it does not reflect any pro-rating to take into consideration the Plus account. Does the this automatically happen after the full Premium purchase comittment has been made on top, and we basucally trust that the pro-rating will happen?

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I upgraded from premium to plus via i-tunes and have been charged for the same. Still showing up as a plus member on evernote web as well as the evernote for mac application. Anyone here help me out  here with how to upgrade the subscription in the app? Please do let me know.

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