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Evernote Apps vs Web site or web app?

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I am fairly novice user but signed up for premium when I noticed the benefit of evernote and specially premium account. I have also recently taken several online courses to try to get better familiar with Evernote. My question is the version, app, etc. the various Instuctors use are different interfaces than what I get online or with Windows 8. I understand the iPhone, iPad and Crome and Windows are possibly not full versions but when I go to the Evernote website and logon I seem to get a lessor version as well with no top menus and other menus that I see with the instructors using. There are a lot of functions I would like to use but they don't appear on the small app versions. I'm I just imagining this or should I be able to get a full "software" experience somehow?

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There are 2 ways to use Evernote on Windows 8 desktop...


1. Install the desktop app from the Evernote site: https://evernote.com/download/


2. Download the Evernote app from the Windows store


I suspect you are looking at your Windows store client... which is pretty much emasculated when compared to the client available for download on the Evernote site. If you are in fact looking at the Windows store app, just keep in mind that it was designed mostly for Windows tablets. Although it looks beautiful, it's severely limited. I like the interface... but it has a long ways to go. 

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There are 3 ways to use Evernote on Windows.


1) Use a web browser. Go to evernote.com and login to your Evernote account to use the web app.

2) Use Evernote Touch, a lightweight native app for Windows 8 that you can install from the Windows Store. This app runs in the Windows "modern" environment that was launched with the release of Win8.

3) Use the full-featured Evernote for Windows desktop app. This is a "traditional" Windows native app. As Frank.dg said "Install the desktop app from the Evernote site: https://evernote.com/download/ "

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