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Skitch is Crazy slow with BIG DISPLAYS

Justin Gordon


I use 3 displays with a 2015 Macbook Pro, fully loaded.

1. 27" Apple Cinema (2560x1440)

2. 27" Dell 4K, Scaled "More Space"

3. 15" Retina Display Scaled "Most Space"



Editing Skitch drawings, placing text and annotations is CRAZY slow. And this is on the fastest laptop humankind has ever produced.


I love Skitch, but can we please prioritize on the performance bug with multiple large displays?


I write software and I'm 100% sure there's some bug involved with the crazy slow performance.


I also did not notice this either in earlier versions of Skitch or before I added a 4K display.


Using: Version 2.7.8 (264008)

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