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Emailing to EN does not send the attachment?

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I email into and out of Evernote regularly and have never had any problems.


If you attach a document to your email - one that can be read in Evernote, it will arrive in the note. If Evernote can't read the attachment, it will attach a zip file. 


If you email a note with an attachment out of Evernote, the attachment should arrive in the email.


This is how it should work (in gmail, at least).


What client are you using (Windows, Mac, ios, etc)? What kind of attachment is it and how are you attaching it?

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I can think of the following uses I have put email to EN to in the last 12 months or so:

  • I forward important emails to EN when I don't have easy access to the web clipper.
  • I have a number of filters in GMail that I use to automatically forward email receipts
  • I sometimes bcc outbound emails that I want to retain
  • I use it to archive Google+ posts I make, by adding the EN email to the list of people with whom I am sharing
  • The photocopier/scanner at work can send scans to an email address, so I can send multi-page scans straight to Evernote.

I wouldn't describe it as an essential feature, but I would have to adapt some of my practices to live without it!

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