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New user! -- Would like auto login (or Lastpass) for Web Clipper

vela azul

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I'm new to Evernote. I'm using Firefox 39.0 on Windows 7.


I would like it if the Web Clipper, when summoned from the Firefox toolbar, would sign in automatically.


Alternatively, it would be fine if it would work with Lastpass.


Unfortunately, the neither option seems to be available with the popup window that appears for login. All I seem to be able to do is enter username and password manually.


Thank you for the help!

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I too am unable to find any way to use lastpass to log in to the evernote web clipper.  Lastpass for Applications allows easy log in to the desktop evernote application.  The lastpass extension works fine with the login to the web based evernote application.  There does not, however, appear to be any way to utilize lastpass to log in to the web clipper extension in chrome.  Can anyone provide steps if there is a way?

  I can think of two possible approached evernote could take to make this easier if there isn't something already in place that I am simply missing.

1) allow pasting into the password field in the web clipper extension.  I would have to pull up the lastpass extension and copy the password and paste it in, no big deal but a lot quicker and easier than having to remember another secure password.  currently I cannot ctrl-V or right click paste or find any way to paste into the password field in chrome web clipper extension.  Of course there may be a good reason the developers don't want to allow this capability, does it expose a risk of some sort?

2) Could it be possible that if I log into either my desktop app or the full web evernote application, somehow the credentials are passed to the web clipper extension?  In other words, could logging myself into the web evernote application automatically log in the web clipper?  This would allow using lastpass to log into the web site or desktop application, and not have to worry about additionally logging into the web clipper.  I dont know if thats technically feasible.

I'm happy to pay the reasonable fee to use evernote, I really needed it.  The above described issue is making it a real headache to try to secure my accounts properly without having to remember yet another high quality password while taking advantage of one of the most important (for me) components of the evernote product.  There has to be a solution.  I appreciate your time if you can reply, its a great product, keep up the good work. Thanks.

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Hey, rubenb -- thanks a lot for the Officially Sanctioned cut-and-paste answer.  That's not what was asked.  WE ALREADY KNOW IT DOES"T WORK the way it ought to.  Now then, GIVE SOME ASSURANCE THAT EVERNOTE IS PAYING ATTENTION to its users.  Fix it.

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