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Delete check items in a note

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That's what I thought. That stink. It is an obvious feature that should be added but I guess they don't care to add useful features.

I guess I'll look for a different app.

It would be nice if the developers would respond.

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A lot of users (including me) use external apps to manage to-do lists.  I'm with TickTick but there are several others from Remember the Milk to Swipes.  Evernote has varying integrations with many of them,  but even in the least well connected app it's possible to attach an EN note link to an item so you can keep your detailed notes in Evernote and just use the app to remind you when it's time to do something with them.


The developers very rarely comment on individual feature requests.

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How about deleting items instead of checking them off... as you complete them? Problem solved. Especially since you don't seem to need to archive them. 


Also, if you were to use the Reminders list, you could hide all checked reminders or simply delete them.


Additionally, there's a 3rd-party integration, Swipes, which allows one to harvest all checkboxed items from your Evernote account... and it allows for bulk editing on the actual Swipes interface. So, perhaps your solution might lie in one of the 3rd-party apps out there.

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