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Using Evernote for Research notes

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I would love to find a plugin for Microsoft Word (Mac in my case) which searched evernote and copy and pasted the contents of the EN note into word. Even better would be if instead of the EN text itself, a field code would be inserted into Word so that updates to EN would be reflected in Word.


As an example of what I am thinking about consider EndNote and their plugin for Word, CWYW. 


The idea is that I keep research notes (quotes) in EN. When I find a mistake in the quote I have to fix it two places. Also, while not difficult, I have to switch from Word over to EN, perform a search, select and copy the text, then switch back to Word and paste. This could be handled by a dialog in Word from an EN plugin.


I haven't been able to find anything like this available. If there is something, please let me know. If not, perhaps someone would be interested in developing and selling such a product.




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Hi.  Sounds like a useful add-in.  One of my (many) database principles is "only say something once" - If I need to change an address or a phone number (forinstance) I should only have to change it in one place,  no matter how many times it might be repeated in the bodies of various other notes throughout my data.  That's called 'transclusion' and works really well with part or all of a given note in MediaWiki (Wikipedia's OS).  I'd seriously like to see it in Evernote,  but it was one of my first requests in this forum several years ago,  and we aren't there yet.  Extending the feature outside one application might be rather more complicated too..

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For students, Evernote is an invaluable way to organize research and streamline. Evernote has proven to be more than a place to store academic articles and research notes. I use Evernote to help me write. Each writing project has a notebook. While I'm still a fan of handwritten notes, and I do have a paper-based fieldwork notebook. While I'm still a fan of handwritten notes, and I do have a paper-based fieldwork notebook. Evernote is better than this, though: it manages a multitude of notes. I've been using the note-collection application Evernote for several months now and thought I'd share some of the reasons.




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