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Feature suggestion/request - Birdseye view

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What would be nice would be to have a Birdseye view of all my notes in a notebook on one page, like a thumbnail gallery that you could zoom into (and maybe even edit?).

I think this would be a good way of scanning / glancing through all your notes rather than scrolling up and down the sidebar. The zooming especially would be handy for handwritten notes which are often too small to see the content of in the thumbnail form.

Just a thought anyway!

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You may be talking about scrolling in Snippet View. Try the other views: Card View and List View. Particularly Card view might be an interesting one (hit F5 on desktop to toggle)... AND hide the Left Panel + Note Panel temporarily by hitting F10 + F11: that way your card view spans the entire interface.

Card View is really good for notes that have visual elements such as images or Post-it notes. If not, no "bird's-eye view" is going to be helpful. You would do better relying on tagging and/ or notebooks (not to mention search) as a means to filter/ isolate manageable sets of notes.

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Hmmn.  Also - https://www.moh.io/mohiomap/welcome.php

"Mohiomap gives you a visual way to navigate through your cloud data.  You can cross-reference and group your files using simple drag-and-drop tagging.  And Mohiomap lets you search across several cloud storage accounts at once. "

It's a web-based tool that will connect to Evernote,  Dropbox and other cloud services.


Or CardDesk - http://www.carddesk.net/


It's " a web application that extends the functionality of Evernote to give you a visual organiser for your notes. With CardDesk your Evernote notes become "index cards" that can be layed out and arranged on any number of virtual desktops."


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Thanks guys, some good tips there. I should mention that I'm using on iPad. Card view goes somewhere toward it, but a lot of the content of the individual note is hidden, especially by he done what oversized title!

I keep a lot of brainstorm/mind maps generated in bamboo notes and I feel I'd find it handy to be able to see thumbnails of complete paged renderings of all the pages of each note in a notebook. This way I could just pinch to zoom intoeach page to see the conten of each note.

Thanks gazumped, for those links, moh is certainly interesting and carddesk goes some way toward what I'm thinking, still can't see each page in the thumbnail view though!

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