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Downloading Document into EN

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sometimes when I move a document into EN, it shows up as an attachment (paperclip), rather than the whole document copied into EN.  How can I get it to copy the document, not just the location/attachment/paperclip?  My concern is if/when this computer crashes, the document will not be in EN.

Mac 10.9.5

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When you copy a document (file) into EN, it always attaches a copy of the file to the selected Note.  The Note contains the document, and when you sync, the document along with the Note is uploaded to the Evernote Cloud.  You can verify this by view the Note (and attachment) using the EN Web client at Evernote.com.


When you attach a file to an EN Note, it leaves the file on your local drive.  Most people then delete the file on their local drive so they don't have two copies.  Of course, that is your choice.


Even though your Notes and their attachments are sync'd and stored on the EN Cloud, you should NOT rely on Evernote as your primary backup.

See Evernote Backup and Restore Options

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Just curious - I do use Time Machine - but why couldn't you actually use EN as your safety net/backup?


Evernote is NOT designed as a backup service.  

  • It does NOT provide the normal services that a real backup service would provide, like allowing you to restore selected data from a specific date/time.  
  • If you should accidentally delete one or more Notes, or portions of a Note, and not discover this until much later, you would not be able to restore the deleted Notes.
  • If Evernote should suffer a major outage, or go out of business, you would NOT have access to your Notes in the Evernote Cloud.

Take a look at the Backup link I provided above for real backup options.

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