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Templates in Evernote

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I just discovered EN last week and have been using it to see how all the different features work. I'm seriously considering upgrading to EN Business. We have a custom t-shirt/sign business and we currently use paper forms to take orders when people come in the shop, by email or order by phone. I would love to use EN to have a saved Order Form Template that can be both hand written on with a stylus and have info typed in on as well. Then send that order form to the employees Notebook that will be processing that order. So is there a way to save a Note template that can be used for separate orders? If so, how?


Also, which type of files can be saved to a note? Can a CorelDraw .cdr file be saved to a note?


Thank you!! 

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Any type of file can be attached to a note. However only some of them can be directly displayed by EN.

Limitation is the size of file, depending of the account (25, 50 or 200mo).


For template, just save it like any note. You can have a NB for them if you want, or a tag... when you need one you just have to duplicate the note (right-click / copy to NB...)

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I would recommend keeping a separate notebook for your templates, and publishing it to the business as read-only.  That way, your employees can copy notes out of it to create the orders but can't accidentally mess up the template you build; and they also can't accidentally start typing directly into the template if they forget to copy it first.  (You can also create multiple template notebooks if you end up creating a lot of templates and want to organize them into groupings.)

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WWW.BIRDFORMS.COM | Form Templates / Evernote!!!


Please sign up for free at Birdforms.com.  This is "Early Access" and the full site is not yet complete. However, you may utilize our "Free" form templates! Link your Evernote account and start sending our beautiful looking "Free" form templates directly into your Evernote account. They look GREAT! Please sign up and give us feedback. The full web site as well mobile & desktop apps are currently in process. PLEASE JOIN US! Thank you.


PS: Yes, when the website is complete you will have the ability to upload or build your own "custom forms" and send them directly into Evernote with ease. Please check us out! 

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