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Tips to avoid exceeding monthly usage?


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I have used Evernote for Windows and iOS for about 2 years but have only used it for text notes. I want to start using web clipper, importing documents and images and smaller screen captures. I know these will increase the overall size of my database but does each imported item get uploaded/downloaded every time I open Evernote?


I am currently averaging 10% of my free 60 MB monthly upload quota. Does my usage only increase the first time I upload new content? Or does my usage increase each time I download content on my various linked devices? What about each time my devices sync?


Thanks for any education on this topic!

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You monthly upload limit is just that, an UPLOAD limit.  Therefore, it does NOT matter how many times you download your Notes.

Every time you make a change to a Note, and sync, it adds to your upload usage.


To minimize your upload usage, you may want to set your auto-sync interval to one of the higher intervals, so that if you are editing a Note it is less likely to sync/upload before you are finished editing.  But you must balance this with the need to keep all of your devices in sync.  So, be sure to do a manual sync when you finish editing, and before you switch to using other devices.  If the Note is already in sync, the manual sync will know that and NOT upload it again.


If you expect a temporary surge in the amount you need to upload, you can always upgrade for only 1 month.  For $5/month you get unlimited upload allowance with a max of 200 MB per Note.

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