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(Archived) How to share a notebook?



Hello, I can't figure out how to make a public shared notebook in the mac desktop app anymore. Before I swear there was a little tick mark that I could select when creating a notebook to share it. I can't find it anymore, did something change?

EDIT: ok seems like there is an option online in the web to share notebooks, is there a way to do it via Desktop App?

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People ask for ETAs all the time...Dave has said in the past that:

1. Evernote is working on getting the feature into the desktop clients, but it's more work than expected.

2. Giving ETAs is dangerous, because they don't want to disappoint people if they can't get it done in time.

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Totally appreciate how much work this must be. One suggestion, if you haven't already thought of it. I want a shared notebook to ber available in the web clipper. So I have Notebook_A, I share it with a friend (example, research assistant) with the right to modify. When she's searching for web articles, she can clip them, and my Notebook_A is one of her choices. Clipped, dropped. It would be so great for people to be able to set up a single repository where any member of the group can drop new notes in, as conveniently as they drop them in their own personal notebooks.


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Evernote is working on adding this feature. Shared notebooks are currently available in the web client, so a temporary workaround is to clip notes to a personal notebook, then move them to the shared notebook via the web client.

The feature takes a lot of work to add to the desktop clients, but they are hoping to release the feature soon (without giving an ETA so as to not disappoint anyone).

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