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I rec'd transcript of a support chat that is not mine..…!?!?!

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I just received an email that is the transcript of a chat session for ticket #1139064. The EN support person is Dorothy and the ticket was regarding changing the column width of a table. Since I have not even submitted a ticket, it would seem there is a serious flaw regarding security/privacy here and is a bit unsettling.

FWIW, I did start the process of a ticket in order to see where one is able to start a chat (in response to this post:

https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86121-chat-support-with-evernote-team/)but did not click on the chat button nor did I submit the ticket.

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Thanks for reporting and for posting the thread. We did some digging and it looks like on the thread you referenced above, when you helpfully pasted a link to the support page, it contained references to your info. When the user clicked the link you shared, it opened a support instance with your information--so when they entered chat and a ticket was generated, it was generated on your behalf. 


I've adjusted your link to go straight to a ticket generation page sans your info: https://evernote.com/contact/support/ticket/and I'll PM you a screenshot I nabbed of what the link looked like. 


We're also reaching out to the user who was in chat and generating a ticket for them correctly, and I've requested our systems team look into if there's a better way to be generating that ticket link you originally referenced. 

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