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Pictures from Note are not visible in HTML export


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I have exported several notes that contain text and pictures to HTML format so I could easily share them with non Evernote users on a network drive or via email.  When I open the files, I see all of the pictures.  However, when another user opens the file, they get all of the text, but none of the pictures, just a small icon depicting the place for the pictures.  How do I fix this?

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The pictures are stored in a sub-folder of the folder with the HTML file.

So you will need to include that sub-folder when you copy to network drive or send via email (probably need to zip main folder first).


What I would do is export the EN Note as HTML to a public folder on my DropBox setup.

Then you could just send the DropBox public link to people.

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Thanks.  You helped me to understand the problem better.  Unfortunately, the solution is a bit of a hassle for me and the other users.  I was hoping there was something else that I could do to have a single HTML file delivered to the other users.  I may have to resort to using another program to print the notes to PDF.  That way I can at least have a single file that is shared.

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