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ANSWERED Trash - guidance on emptying in Android doesn't match what I see.

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Hi, perhaps someone has come across this? I want to empty my Trash. I've read the guidance for Android but the only option I get when selecting a trash note in Trash (using three dots) is to "restore note". No other option avalable eg to fully delete or remove from Trash. Thank you in advance for any help. Regards graham.

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So far I think the Android Trash notebook is a catch-all life-belt for those who like to delete things on a mobile connection.  It's synced back to your other device(s) like all other notebooks,  so tidying up is possible on desktops (not sure about tablets).  Empty your trash on the desktop and the empty folder should sync back.  You're seeing an index of notes only on a mobile,  so AFAIK there's no space being wasted.

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