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What evernote need to improve,for business and Primi user

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Evernote, Business/prim version promotion


I think evernote did not catch the key point for the business version, (event primi also)

For instance, I test evernote for years(from 2012) , we are amazing this wonderful product which could  use cross different kind of platform it really got a big step of efficiency. 


for personal,before this year there are 1G and then 4G limitation (event purchased additional space , all you could  is 5G)

that is ridiculous and fortunately evenote overcome the limitation.


but for Business, expect the limitation of upload space, I think evenote did not aware pdf file is the major file for business ( document, Operation instruction, contrast....) 

but why evenrote just limit 100 page, 50M above would not support search function.

you know the key value of evernote are 

1.cross platform

2.searchable and really fast !!


to be a evaluation owner, I still could not vote evernote as one of solution for business.

the pdf limitation is a key.


by the way when the note reach to 20K ~ 100G, event use the high gear (8G/ 512SSD, mac) the reliability still a key problem ( I have been reload the database three times, and some note still "strangely" can not found (but web version could)


event we try to use web (evernote server) , if the note more than 20K (~100G) database, that would take three to 5 sec when evernote ready to go. ( 4G DRAM, 200G hard disk, 1G readyboost; that is standard desktop for employee for middle size company now)



To be short, my view point for evernote need to focus on are


1. improve pdf searchable size , if can reach same as note limitation(200M) would be better),

    you know not every user (employee will aware this limitation)

2.speed up and improve web version performance, middle size company did not have too much budget for gear and that is the reason why they need evernote and in the same that is the target customer for evernote






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